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My Projects


Check out what I have been up to! Feel free to make use of my tutorials and workshop outlines.

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3D Modeling Workshop

Click here for the curriculum I designed for a 3D Modeling Workshop I did at the Urbana Free Library. I taught the basices of TinkerCad and how to use the library's UP! 3D printer. My curriculum goes over learning outcomes, assessment strategies, and outlines the class content minute by minute. 

Sewing Tutorials

Click on the links below to be directed to written tutorials I have made:


How to Thread a Sewing Machine


How to Make a Pillow

Listen to my presentation at the 2015 LIS Education Smyposium titled "Don't Fear the Technology...Completely: A Call to Action for Youth Librarians." I argue that youth librarians have a role to play in correcting the gender and racial disparities in the technology fields by serving as role models. I then seek to empower the audience to be role models by demonstrating that many skills learned in library school are also technology troubleshooting skills.

Summer Reading Program

Click here to see my ideas for a summer reading program for teens centered around the theme of photography.

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